2031: Life goals
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2031: Life goals

2031: Life goals

Ten years from now, I will be 44. I have dreams.

It costs nothing to dream, except that you may embarrass yourself when you lay them out publicly and not accomplish them. So here I am, doing exactly that. I hope to accomplish the below in the next ten years.

By 2031, I hope I would:

Have written, directed and released at least one feature film.

Have my own company that runs self-sufficiently, with the smallest possible team.

Be debt free.

Have released at least one album.

Have written, directed and acted in at least one play.

Have a Jazz trio and have performed in at least one show.

Be a father to at least two children with third one on the way (… ok maybe only two children with second one on the way).

Not have started smoking cigarettes again. Hell no.

Have started smoking weed occasionally. Yes please.

Live on a farm with my girlfriend, children and grow all my food (and weed).

Have read all of Shakespeare, Tagore and Karnad.

Be an active farmer.

Be ready to get into debt for buying a home.

Have scratched the surface of western philosophy.

Be meditating an hour a day for a year at least.

Have invested in the stock market.

Have written at least 3700 blog posts.

Be fluent in Tamil.

Have completed my first triathlon.

Have completely de-googled myself, for all things personal.

Have definitely invested in cryptocurrency.

Have sung Hindustani at one baithak, at least.

Be fluent in Python.

Have never had to work in a job.

Have read lots of Buddha and J Krishnamurti.

Have launched a tiny little something on Product Hunt.

Only be answerable to an audience and not a manager or a client.

Have told jokes in at least fifty open mics.

Have had no lifestyle inflation, whatsoever.

Be cycling everywhere.

Have started teaching whenever I can.

Have reached my 1000 true supporters.

Not be a pompous twat if all of the above is achieved.

Not justify if only some of it is achieved.

Be OK even if none of it is achieved.

... I better get started.

(Uh oh.)