I am Sumeru. I'm a filmmaker and musician, currently based in Goa, India.

I am a lapsed sculptor (Bachelor of Fine Arts). I took to acting in college and went on to act in some really bad Kannada TV soaps. Some serials were good though. I also acted in a few plays—of TP Kailasam, UR Ananthamurthy, Karnad. While acting, I was drawn to writing and direction. I pursued a post-graduation in film-video communication (Master of Design) and became a filmmaker. I've made documentaries, corporate films and assisted on TVCs. You can see my work here. I sing alright and can play chords on the piano. I would like to call myself a musician for as long as I can; it is my first love.

In the throes of the pandemic, I started writing personal essays on my website. I have since continued to divulge too much information about my life via my weekly newsletter... not sure I recommend it. I'm fluent in Marathi, Kannada, Hindi and English. I'm interested in music, films, philosophy, privacy, internet culture, religion, caste hierarchies, and am passionately curious about the human condition.

I'm on Twitter and Instagram. The best way to reach me is via email.