Clubhouse: Old wine, new bottle
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Clubhouse: Old wine, new bottle

Clubhouse: Old wine, new bottle

Finallyyyyyyy! Got the invite! 👋

Another social media app.

This time it’s audio only. It’s invite only!

Quick. Who do I invite? Who do I invite?

Ummm... can’t think of anyone, dammit!

I have only five invites, I don’t want to waste it on lame people—god this is exciting!

Ooh! How did he join four months before me?!

And this weirdo follows only one person? Hmm.

These two follow each other?! I thought they'd broken up.

Do I just join this room? What if they start talking to me?

Why does it feel like they can hear my thoughts?

This feels creepy, as though I'm listening to someone’s phone call.

Whaa?! This room has 8000 people joined in right now?! That’s crazy!

What the actual fuck do I write in my bio?!

How come she gained so many followers in such a short time?

Wow. She won’t follow me back?! I’m not following her then. Bitch!

This guy's bio is so shit! ROFLMAO

Should I start a closed room with friends?


OK. This is getting boring.

But... my name looks nice on his profile. No? See?

No matter the app, no matter the platform, the issues are as old as facebook time.

It’s the same drink, in a different glass. You keep downing it, until you can’t one day.

(Unfollow me)