The midpoint of the year
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The midpoint of the year

It's June 30th. Half of the year is behind us.
The midpoint of the year

Tomorrow onwards, we start a journey through the other half of the year.

Of all units of measuring time, ‘year’ is the most popular one. We measure life and death—existence—in years. Actually, only life not death. No one is known by how many years they’ve been dead, only by how they’ve lived. Today we complete half of the two thousand and twenty first year, since the birth of our main man, Jesus Christ.

It’s like the ball has been thrown up in the air and it is now at it highest point, before it has to travel back down and touch the ground in a grand finale of seasons greetings and year-end celebrations. We are at that ‘high point’ today; half of the year behind us and the other half in front.

Have half our plans and resolutions for the year been fulfilled? Do we have three abs in place? Have we read 26 books? Lost 10 kgs? Loved one child dearly? Did we smoke every cigarette only half?

12 hours from today and 12 from tomorrow—a half-time of 24 hours, before things pick up again. Half-times are significant. We must pause, reflect and celebrate—whether in a day, a year or a lifetime.

Wish you a happy second half.