Learners gonna learn
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Learners gonna learn

Learners gonna learn
Photo by Vigneshwar Rajkumar on Unsplash

I stumbled upon a professor and research scholar this week who goes by the pseudonym ‘Buffalo Intellectual’ online. I found him to be very sharp, intelligent and incisive in his attack on the hypocrisy of the upper-caste Indian liberal. It has been great listening to him.

His vehemence (I listened to a bunch of his podcast appearances, linked below) reminded me of my own professor from film school over ten years ago—Prof. A. F. Mathew. It was in Prof. Mathew’s class that I came face-to-face with some of the most thought-provoking and insightful ideas of my life as a 24-year-old, ideas that continue to guide me to this day. Even though I attended his class for no more than a week and had no one-on-one interaction with him, his teaching set students like myself on a path of enquiry that completely changed our understanding of images and permanently affected our ‘ways of seeing’. In just a week he had a remarkable impact on me.

Teachers are probably the most important people we cross paths with; finding a good one is nothing short of a miracle.

Listen to Buffalo Intellectual’s podcasts below:

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