Let’s go
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Let’s go

Let’s go

Let go of that thing your mother said. She didn’t mean it like that. You know it, don’t you? She speaks her mind and you don’t like that sometimes. And you can say that to her. You don’t have to stand there listening.

Let go of the guilt, the constant freaking guilt, questioning yourself if you are playing your roles well— of a son, a partner, a friend, an employee, a sibling, a vendor, a relative, an earth saviour, animal hugger, money maker or loser, plastic lover, political opinionator. Stop. Who are you dude? Just do your thing. Let go.

Don’t examine someone's every single move, waiting for a misstep so you can point out what they did wrong, especially not your father’s. What stupid anger is it from childhood? You had a bloody good time. Have you any idea how it is out there? Let go.

Let go of that memory, when you stood on the pavement, in the dead of the night and slapped yourself from the hurt, in an animalistic rage—don’t recollect it like that. You didn’t deserve that, neither did that person. It is sad that that happened.

Let go of the assholes—why haven’t you till now? And why didn’t you earlier?

Let go of that silly thing that needs to be done, to make it ‘almost perfect’ to impress your manager or client or the love of your life for her birthday surprise. It is so insignificant, it is going to ruin the whole thing. In fact, it looks bad now.

Cut the call, you are done talking, there's nothing left to be said.

You will get to do this again. You will be as happy, as in love, as successful, again. This moment will be gone, yes, but there will be another. It will be as good. And even if it isn’t, you cannot stop this one from dying.

Let go Sumeru—move on—let’s go!