Of angry emails and one click solutions
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Of angry emails and one click solutions

Of angry emails and one click solutions


First of all, I was not even sending 100 messages (emails), forget as many per hour. I was trying to send an email to only 57 recipients. So I don't understand why my emails didn't go through (for any of the umpteen attempts I made).

Secondly, if this is indeed an account limit placed by you, <BulkEmailService>, then it is an exceptional disappointment that I had to remind you about it (I learnt about this feature of yours after rummaging through various fora for days).

I reached out to you with my specific query, for the first time, 8 days ago. It has taken as long to get to the point, for no good reason.

If you continue to limit my account for whatever reason, could you please let me know that in your next reply? I would be glad to not undergo this ever again.

Kindly find my answers to your questions below:-

  1. Please briefly describe how your business uses email. What types of emails will you be sending: transactional, marketing, or both?

I run a personal blog at sumeruraut.com. Sumeru Raut is me. Sumeru is a gorgeous mountain near the Himalayas. The name signifies strength, valour and vigour, even if it isn't friendly for business. My amazing grandmother thought of the name. I will be using your service to automate transactional emails for sign up confirmations and forgotten passwords, yes.

More importantly, I want to send newsletters to my subscribers every week (maybe that's considered marketing? Since it is emailing in bulk?).

So, I will be sending both, I guess.

2. Where do you source your database/list of email addresses? (Please provide these websites or the domains that you will be using with <BulkEmailService>).

I will be sourcing my emails directly from subscribers who want to subscribe, again, on my website: sumeruraut.com. It is hosted on a Ghost droplet on Digital Ocean (just letting you know, so that isn't another problem).

3. What is your expected monthly volume of messages?

At the moment I have 57 subscribers to whom I want to send an email every week. So that makes it 57x4 = 228 outgoing emails per month, as of this message. I would wish for that to be a million next month, but it seems highly unlikely. I am not in the business of bulk emails, else I would have gladly given you a projection.

I hope that answers your questions.

Again, if you wish to keep my account locked for whatever reason–you don't owe me an explanation–please do, but let me know at the earliest.

Time is precious, let’s not waste it.

Kind regards,

Sumeru Raut

P.S. I'm not technical. If I have messed up something on my end, do let me know... even if you didn't all these days.