Quietude at an altitude
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Quietude at an altitude

Quietude at an altitude

I missed writing last week’s issue. And after multiple false starts, I’m unable to write anything this week either. It has been an odd few weeks, where I’m not able to write what I’m feeling. Rather, I’m unable to publish it.

I’ve been in Dharamkot for the past five days, a small village to the north of McLeod Ganj. Five years ago, I came here on a trip with a stranger, and ended up marrying her. So, my wife and I are here to celebrate the beginning of our courtship.

It is one of the most beautiful places I have been to. These mountains are mighty and serene, and their vastness can stun you into silence. I’m probably in need of that. It’s nice to stfu once in a while and process everything that is being felt. I’m here doing exactly that.

I hope I can finally write something substantial next week and end this dry spell.

Until then… stay creepy,


  • I somehow forgot to share this video two weeks ago. Sylvester and I covered one of our favourite songs. Have a listen.
Done is better than perfect.

How many times do I have to remind myself of this? Could someone please tell me?