I took this pic
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I took this pic

I took this pic
Goa is a beaut (See pic here)

The rains have restarted in Goa; they had shut shop for about two weeks. I finally got my bike serviced and dealt with grouchy Mr. Santa Singh, the trusted bike mechanic. (Yup. Random piece of news there.)

I have been super busy this week with pending chores, errands and such. So... just a quick hello from me this week. I'll see you next week. Be well.

P.S. Oh, for some reason my stupid short film (from ten years ago that I wrote about last week and shared the Vimeo link for everyone to see) didn't play for a lot of people.(Thanks for writing to me you guys!) So, I uploaded it on that YouTube dot com. Don't watch it. You've been warned.

❤️ Things I’ve been enjoying this week:

She replied to me... 👁👄👁

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