Six things. Every day.
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Six things. Every day.

Six things. Every day.

I wrote a version of this in my journal late last year; and it led to me starting this blog, four months ago.

As I’ve entered my thirties, it has come to my notice—life is fairly long. The euphoria of ‘something new every day’ fades very quickly, once you get real with yourself. By ‘real’ I mean when you realise that it’s just you with your time here; if you don’t pick your own distractions, then family or friends or a screen will pick them for you.

I’ve started to think about ‘lifelong daily routines’ for the first time. These are things that I want to do every single day of my life, no matter where I am or what I am doing. And they are six of them:

  1. Write and publish, every single day.
  2. Read from a physical book.
  3. Walk.
  4. Meditate.
  5. Sing.
  6. Practise piano.
  7. Count my blessings.

I know. It’s seven. But the last one sounds fluffy.

I’ve only started with the first. I hope the rest follow soon.

What impractical ideas do you have about lifelong daily routines? You can write to me.