Let’s talk
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Let’s talk

Words of a feather, flock together.
Let’s talk

Tell me what you are afraid of. Trust me with your secret. I won’t hurt you. Don’t just tell me how well you've been doing at work and how you got yet another promotion with a raise. I mean, sure tell me that. That’s great and I am very happy for you. But tell me how you are really feeling inside.

I promise I won’t simply nod along and think of the thing to say next. I will listen, intently. Go on. I won’t interject with a ‘should’, ‘could’ or ‘would’ sentence. I won’t sigh or look away because the conversation is getting difficult or because there are silences. I’ve learnt to make room for them. Lay your heart bare at this dinner table. I won’t break it, I promise. If at all, I’ll give you mine—separately, not as a trade.

I won’t judge you or call you names. I also won’t only say things you’d like to hear, lies that are pretty. If you want my opinion, I will be honest with it. Even if that is difficult, I will try with all my might. You have my word.

We don’t have to convene only to exchange accomplishments and make no mention of the struggles. What is the point of that? Don’t you trust me?

C’mon. We’re friends, aren't we?

Let’s talk.