My First Vlog
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My First Vlog

My First Vlog

I got lost online today, watching some musicians who have regularly put their music online for years. I tracked them back to their early beginnings, to see how proficient they were when they started. And, no surprise, they were very good even then. But what was mores noteworthy was how consistent they had been in putting their work online.

I felt very inspired seeing that. It takes so much effort to be consistent like that, for years. I have been wanting to start a YouTube channel, at least, since 2012. But lack of courage and procrastination flipped the last two digits i.e. it's 2021 and I haven't started yet.

The first video I uploaded on youtube was in 2008; a family clip, which I later deleted. The first song I ever uploaded on YouTube was in 2011 for a college project, which is still on my channel. Similarly, a few years later, I recorded a cover and uploaded it on a whim, while reeling from a break-up. And I had been meaning to upload songs for years but never got around to doing it until then. I stopped after that, again.

What I am getting at is, these sporadic ideas have come to fruition more often for me than meticulously planned ones.

I see that consistency is the end in itself.

I feel inspired to upload videos on YouTube again, only this time with the intention of doing it regularly. I just uploaded one. I think I am onto something.

Watch me mumble under my breath

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